"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Monday, August 5, 2013

This is going to fly by!

Hola familia!!!

I'm so excited because I only have 2 weeks left in the CCM! It's crazy all of my way good friends, who I have now known for a month are leaving! But that is good, because next time it's me leaving! I also can't wait to be the oldest here! Nothing really happened this week and these past 2 weeks have flown by. I honestly can't even remember the past 2 weeks! This week will make my one month mark! It has gone by sooooo fast! It's crazy to think that I have finished up one month and there are only 23 months left! This is going to fly by!

All I have to say is the weather is so unpredictable here... It can go from sunshine to rain to sunshine in like 15 minutes and the clouds fly by as fast as airplanes! Everytime we go anywhere outside of the ccm it rains on us. And I don't even have an umbrella, so ya I've gotten good at running in the rain and dodging huge puddles as I race to get back to the ccm. Good thing I'm going to walmart tomorrow. I actually have a list of things I need like an umbrella! Haha its all good! Also I can't wait....tomorrow we get to go to this huge stake center and play basketball and soccer for a couple of hours. Then they take us to Walmart, but they only let us have a half hour to shop... I'll have to hustle! Then they take us to this huge mall with a food court and I just cant wait for a big burger with an ice cold coke! Also at Walmart I'll probably have to buy at least 20 dollars of candy to last me 2 years sorry... haha!

It was pretty cool yesterday was my first and only fast sunday at the ccm. It was definitely the best day ever, besides p day. We fasted for breakfast and lunch, but that was fine. We woke up and watched 2 movies, not gonna lie, I was out during the 2nd one and then we had free time until 12:30 and that's when church started! It was crazy at the capilla! We got there and they started the testimony meeting and every single hispano raced up to the stand! There were more people on the stand then in the congregation! It was crazy! So I didn't even get the chance to bear my testimony.. oh well! Also, we didn't have to give a lesson in renuion de districto either so you already know it was a good day! After church we had cena and it was a huge piece of chicken with rice....soooo goood!! It didn't fill me up though, good thing you stalked me up on candy! After that we had another movie and then a devotional from the mtc during April of 2012, and it was my guy Elder Ballard giving the devotional! He taught us about using the spirit to teach the investigators, it was really good. The only thing that ruined it was that David Archuletta was there and they made him sing... so annoying all the girls here at the ccm were screaming, yes literally screaming, while he was singing. I made a joke by saying, "Boy I sure hope David waits for me," All the girls turned around and glared at me and all the elders couldn't stop laughing Haha. It was awesome!

I forgot to tell you guys, last week I got a haircut! it was so cool, one of the workers gave them and to clean everything up he used one of those old fashioned straight razors. I thought It was so cool, but it felt so weird! I was pretty nervous that he was just going to cut my head off. And also you guys need to look up the testimony of the Book of Mormon by Elder Holland! It is so good and it definitley brings the spirit with a bang! Well until next week! Sorry that nothing happened this week! te amo ustedes!!! adios!!!

Elder Corbett with his district

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