"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Monday, September 23, 2013

First Baptism

Que honda familia!!!

This week has gone by so fast, holy cow! I also got my first baptism! It was amazing! His name is Miguel and he is 20. He has a girlfriend who is a member and he told the bishop that he wasn't being baptized for his girlfriend but that he knew that it was the right thing to do! We also have a baptism for next weekend as well. This guy is cool his name is Jose Luis and he is in his late 30's. He's one of those guys who has always been taking lessons but hasn't commited. But we got him to commit and he had to come to church one more time and he came this Sunday!

Also I translated a wedding from spanish to english! We have an investigator named Ingrid and she got married to this gringo. He came for only 4 days but he was so cool! He was from South Carolina, and he had a sweet accent. Haha, He's lived in Guatemala for a total of 2 years and I know more spanish than him in 2 months! I just love going over there and speaking english with them.

We also went to this way cool waterfall! It's like a spring that comes out of the mountain, but since so much water comes out of it, it just shoots out like a huge waterfall. It's as wide as 200 ft. It was cool and it was in my area! I didnt even know about it, but it's called the San Juan river and it's in Guacatan! Besides that, not much has happened. I've just been working and trying not to get soaked from all the rain everyday! Oh ya, and I've been busy eating those tortillas! Los amo!

Total Tortillas 132

Elder Corbett and Elder Zombrano at the springs

Elder Corbett with Elder Dalton

A trip to the San Juan river

Ingrid's Wedding

Miguel's Baptism

Chocolate Bananas

The missionary wall at Zumbas - All Utah State Aggies should be proud!

Monday, September 16, 2013

The schedule

que onda familia!

Wow, I can't believe that another week has gone by!!! When your working hard and focusing on the work it goes by so much faster! I also reached my 2 months in the mish this week! Nothing too much has happened this week, but it's always good to hear that the Aggies won!

I went on divisions again with Elder Quackimarca, he is from Peru. Although I didn't get to speak english again, it was nice to learn how to actually teach! Also, I got a date for a baptism, and I taught most of the lesson and I even asked him. His name is Josue Luis and he is calidad (cool). My spanish is improving now that my companion lets me have launguage study everyday for a half hour. I have been memorizing 50 words a day which I think is crazy! But I can speak whatever I need to say and I can teach the lessons pretty good! My only problem is understanding what they are saying! Oh well, it will come.

Pleeeaaassseee you guys think your rain is bad! It rains here everyday and when it rains it pours. They say it's raining cats and dogs . . . . . if anything here, it's raining cows and horses! And half the roads aren't paved here so I pretty much walk in a river of mud everyday! Haha, thank goodness I've got my boots! And mom, please, the spiders in Utah are nothing compared to the spiders here, good thing I took a picture of this spider in our house last week. I thought it was fake it was so big and when I went to touch it, it had like over 200 babies on its back and they all started crawling everywhere! While I was killing all the babies, it looked like I was dancing haha!

It sounds like you guys want to hear my schedule! Well, I wake up at 6:30 and exercise. I've got a great abb work out and then I do push ups and other stuff. Then from 7 to 8, I shower with a bucket, iron my clothes, eat breakfast, and chill. From 8 to 9 I have personal studay and for a half hour of that I read in the scriptures and the other I read preach my gospel and study for my investigators. Then from 9 to 10 we have companion study. Then from 10 to 1 we go and preach the gospel. At 1:30 we have almuerzo (lunch) and then from 2:30 to 3, I have language study . . . . finally! Then from 3:00 to 9, more preaching the gospel and on Wednesday nights we have ward family home evening. Usually there's something different to do every night. Then at 9:30 we come back and I find something to eat, we plan for the next day and get ready for bed.

It's always great to hear from all of you guys! Have a great week and tell Spencer that he is lucky that he gets to go to the USC game and to send me some pictures! Los amo!!!!

Tortilla count: 102

Elder Corbett in the jungle

The spider

Pizza with Elder Quackimarca

Elder Corbett with his tortilleria friend

Making tortillas

Elder Corbett with Hermano Freddy, who is a welder

A picture of the city

Monday, September 9, 2013

I survived the earthquake!

Hola familia!

For those of you who were wondering, I survived the earthquake! It was sweet, and it didn't do too much damage in my area. Only a couple of power lines tipped over! But everything is very humble here, so I'm not surprised that they fell over. It sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. And how about them Aggies! Holy cow, Chuckie is crazy!

Well I gave my first talk in spanish yesterday! It was kind of crazy. The bishop came up to me and was telling me that the reason that there are inactive members is because they don't have a strong testimony, and It's my job to encourage them to gain one! I think I did pretty good, and it was sweet giving the talk in spanish!

The funniest thing ever happened yesterday! so we were walking back from Almuerzo and this family stopped and wanted to talk to me. Haha, it was sketchy, but he was like man your white, why are you in Guatemala? I told him that I was preaching the gospel and he was like man I lived in South Carolina. Listen man I love to smoke weed. I love to drink. If you need anything, let me know man. I've got money. I've got friends, man where ya goin? I can give you and your friend a ride! I was like we are just walking, but thanks anyway. He was like alright, but man I gotta tell you, if you need anything I got you! Haha, so funny, except for that every other word was a swear word.

It was so great this week. I got to go on divisions with Elder Farley! He's from Georgia and we are way good friends. Not only did we speak english and order pizza, but I learned so much from him. I learned how to teach the people and not teach lessons. It was cool, we went to this family of investigators. The mom is inactive and Elder Zombrano and I have gone there every night, but this night the dad came out. He said he was sorry that he didn't have much time. But I felt prompted to ask him if we could say a prayer before we left. Right as I said that, it started raining, so the dad said okay. He told us to come by his house so we wouldn't get wet, but after the prayer, for some reason he decided to let us in. Elder Farley and I taught him, his wife, and his daughter a very powerful lesson. This sunday his wife and daughter came to church, and his daughter who is 17 felt the spirit and started crying. She said she wanted to be baptized! It was great! We have a lot of baptisms, 5 this Saturday and 3 the next! Well, everything keeps getting better! So, ya les amo! Tortilla count 77.

Elder Corbett

The city of Chiantla

Elder Corbett and Elder Zambrano cooking

Elder Corbett and his Guatemalan grandma, Alejandra

The market in Huehue central

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A trip to Guatemala City and the power of prayer

Hola familia!!!

Sorry that I couldn't email yesterday. Saturday I found out that I had to go back to Guatemala City to do some things for my visa. I called it my vacation from the mission! It was the best when I found out that I got to be companions with Elder Dickson again! Sunday after church we took a bus to Xela and stayed in a hotel with all my other friends from my district in the ccm! We may have ordered pizza and maybe I found out that Utah State lost on Sunday, but I'm not really sure haha!! The only thing that was hard was we had to wake up at 3 in the morning to leave! But at least we got to ride on a stage bus. I ate soooo much food! In the last 24 hours I ate, Pizza Hut, Wendys 2 times, McDonalds 2 times and then this morning we went to Xela Pan, which is this really good and cheap bakery! On Monday, because we got back so late, we got to stay in the hotel again. It was the best! I just finally got back, and now I am emailing you guys!

Well besides hearing that Utah State lost, last week has been better! I found out more about my area. So it's in between Chantla and Huehuetenango, and Huehue is the 2nd largest city in my mish. All the elders say that Huehue is the coolest, because its the only place where you can experience a 3rd world city. Its super ghetto, and there are little market stands everywhere. I swear that everyone has a store in their house, which doesnt really make sense haha! But my favorite part is that everything is sooo cheap!!! Everyday I get these things called frutadas! They are this juice punch thing in a bag! You can get 2 of them for 1 quetz, thats like less than 15 cents! I really like Huehue and we also go there to buy things and for meetings! My area is about 2 and a half hours away from Xela!

It was so cool last week. We saw a volcano go off! I'm not sure which one it was, but it wasn't anything too serious. We just saw the thick smoke! I took a ton of pictures so I will send them to you guys! Also, things are getting easier! The language is getting better and I am getting used to the culture! Thanks for your prayers! I am now used to being in dirt, eating dirt, and sleeping in dirt haha! Oh well, this is what I asked for!

Its so crazy, that if you have enough faith Heavenly Father will answer your prayers! I've been reading in Third Nephi when Jesus comes and talks to the Nephites, and he talks about prayer. We have been really lacking investigators. Last week I had been praying to find new people! And we have found so many this week! They have just been coming up to us! Like this one lady who lived in the states for 8 years and has a gringo husband still in the states. But anyways she just came up to me and started speaking english. As we got talking, she told me that her mom died 4 months ago and that she just barely had a baby. So, I think the gospel would be perfect in her life. Also, we got Orali to commit to baptism on the 21st! It's great that we have been doing work! We have 5 baptisms this Saturday and 1 on the 21st! It's good to see that everyone is doing alright! And it's been a good week of football even though the Aggies lost, but hey at least BYU lost too! As of 2 weeks, I'm at 48 tortillas! Los amo!!!

Elder Godderidge, Elder Dickson and Elder Corbett

The district from the CCM

Elder Godderidge, Elder Dickson and Elder Corbett

Elder Dickson and Elder Corbett

Elder Corbett with one of the many dogs in Guatemala

Smoke from a nearby volcano

A street near Elder Corbett's apartment

A picture of "The Jungle"