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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A trip to Guatemala City and the power of prayer

Hola familia!!!

Sorry that I couldn't email yesterday. Saturday I found out that I had to go back to Guatemala City to do some things for my visa. I called it my vacation from the mission! It was the best when I found out that I got to be companions with Elder Dickson again! Sunday after church we took a bus to Xela and stayed in a hotel with all my other friends from my district in the ccm! We may have ordered pizza and maybe I found out that Utah State lost on Sunday, but I'm not really sure haha!! The only thing that was hard was we had to wake up at 3 in the morning to leave! But at least we got to ride on a stage bus. I ate soooo much food! In the last 24 hours I ate, Pizza Hut, Wendys 2 times, McDonalds 2 times and then this morning we went to Xela Pan, which is this really good and cheap bakery! On Monday, because we got back so late, we got to stay in the hotel again. It was the best! I just finally got back, and now I am emailing you guys!

Well besides hearing that Utah State lost, last week has been better! I found out more about my area. So it's in between Chantla and Huehuetenango, and Huehue is the 2nd largest city in my mish. All the elders say that Huehue is the coolest, because its the only place where you can experience a 3rd world city. Its super ghetto, and there are little market stands everywhere. I swear that everyone has a store in their house, which doesnt really make sense haha! But my favorite part is that everything is sooo cheap!!! Everyday I get these things called frutadas! They are this juice punch thing in a bag! You can get 2 of them for 1 quetz, thats like less than 15 cents! I really like Huehue and we also go there to buy things and for meetings! My area is about 2 and a half hours away from Xela!

It was so cool last week. We saw a volcano go off! I'm not sure which one it was, but it wasn't anything too serious. We just saw the thick smoke! I took a ton of pictures so I will send them to you guys! Also, things are getting easier! The language is getting better and I am getting used to the culture! Thanks for your prayers! I am now used to being in dirt, eating dirt, and sleeping in dirt haha! Oh well, this is what I asked for!

Its so crazy, that if you have enough faith Heavenly Father will answer your prayers! I've been reading in Third Nephi when Jesus comes and talks to the Nephites, and he talks about prayer. We have been really lacking investigators. Last week I had been praying to find new people! And we have found so many this week! They have just been coming up to us! Like this one lady who lived in the states for 8 years and has a gringo husband still in the states. But anyways she just came up to me and started speaking english. As we got talking, she told me that her mom died 4 months ago and that she just barely had a baby. So, I think the gospel would be perfect in her life. Also, we got Orali to commit to baptism on the 21st! It's great that we have been doing work! We have 5 baptisms this Saturday and 1 on the 21st! It's good to see that everyone is doing alright! And it's been a good week of football even though the Aggies lost, but hey at least BYU lost too! As of 2 weeks, I'm at 48 tortillas! Los amo!!!

Elder Godderidge, Elder Dickson and Elder Corbett

The district from the CCM

Elder Godderidge, Elder Dickson and Elder Corbett

Elder Dickson and Elder Corbett

Elder Corbett with one of the many dogs in Guatemala

Smoke from a nearby volcano

A street near Elder Corbett's apartment

A picture of "The Jungle"

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