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Monday, March 24, 2014

My new area is awesome!

Hola Familia!

I just have to say that my new area is awesome! And of course, I didn't even move outside of Huehuetenango. It's fine though because In Las Rosas, I got to know half of huehue really well, and now in my new area I can get to know the rest of huehue really well. So, if you guys ever want a tour of huehue, I can now give you the complete tour!

My new area is called Zaculeu and the ruins are in it! We walk past the ruins almost everyday. Our house isn't too bad either, but the best part of all, is that the church is huge and it is literally right by our house! My new companion is awesome too! His name is Elder Darrow and he is from Alaska so that's pretty cool. He is from the same group as Elder Perry!

This area has a lot of potential and we even had a baptism on Saturday! We seriously asked him to be baptized on Tuesday when I got there, taught him everything Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday he had his interview, and Saturday we baptized him! We also have some baptism dates for April so that will be nice!

It's pretty funny, because the only thing that separates me from Las Rosas is a little hill, so whenever I miss Las Rosas I always think about how close I really am to it! Well that's all I have for this week.

Les amo mucho! Tortilla Total 835

Elder Corbett and Elder Darrow with Kevin on his baptism day

My new house!

A cool bird that probably knows more spanish than I do

The church

A lizard that we caught

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