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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Multi-zone conference and transfers

Buenos Dias familia!

This week I am writing to you on Tuesday, because yesterday, we had a multi-zone conference with Elder Clarke. He is an area seventy and is involved with missionary work. He even told us that he meets in a special room with the prophet and apostles to talk about missionary work! I learned a lot of things, while being at this conference, that I hope I can put into practice! One thing he said, is to focus on the temple with investigators, and not just baptisms. Another thing he told us, is that we should study the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel every single day! He also said that those who are preparing to serve missions should be studying them as well.

This week I found out that I have changes, which is really strange after being in my area for only one change. As we were getting done with the multi-zone conference, one of the assitants pulled me aside and told me that I'm going to be a zone leader. I'm kind of nervous for that, but also excited at the same time! I love President Bautista, and he will be leaving soon, so it will be cool to get the chance to work closer with him.

Elder Darrow and I have set more dates with this family that we have been working with, so we decided that it would be better to put off the baptism for two weeks and baptize the whole family together. They are really progressing and I'm going to really miss that family for sure. When they get baptized, I will get to come back and help baptize them, so that will be cool!

I'm so excited, because the rainy season is moving in, and that means the heat will be leaving! Well, next week I'll have to let you guys know where I've been transferred. I might actually be leaving Huehue! The rumor is that im going to Quiche which would be awesome! Well Les Amo y Les querio! Tengan una buena semana!

Tortilla Total 998

Saying goodbye to Aracely

Saying goodbye to one of my favorite families

Saying goodbye to Elder Keele, one of the zone leaders, who will be going home on Thursday

Hanging out with Elder Perry at the multi-zone conference


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