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Monday, May 19, 2014

Xela had its birthday this week and turned 490!

Hola Familia!

Wow this week has flown by! I am finally getting the hang of being in the city! This week was actually a lot of fun!

This week all of the stakes in Central America held a semana de la familia, or family week. So every night there was a certain activity for the families. One night it would be like a game night and the other would be talks on how to strengthen your family. A lot of our investigators went to these activities and had a great time, and some of the members even brought families of their own who were interested in the gospel! It was super fun. Then on Saturday they had a stake talent show. Of course our zone had to particpate in it! We did a funny skit about having members give away Book of Mormons and we included some crazy things that alway happens to the missionaries in Guatemala. It went really well! I have it on video so you will all have to wait to see it when I get home.

Sunday we had stake conference, and got a new stake presidency. Two elders from the seventy came and gave talks that were really good!

Also since the heart of Xela is in our area,(including the central park) we found out that Xela had its birthday this week and turned 490! Like I've said in my emails before, The people here just love to celebrate! They closed the streets and had parades with marching bands. Apparently the president of Guatemala even came and spoke. They had live concerts in the park, fairs and everything! This made it so nobody was in their house! So this week we are hoping that the people are tired from partying and stay inside their houses so we can teach them.

Well I hope you guys have a great week!

Tortilla Total: 1045

And now because I have McDonalds in my area - Big Mac Count: 8

The zone dressed up for a skit

Xela's 490 year birthday celebration


A street in Xela

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