"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Monday, December 8, 2014

Everyday we can see miracles if we just trust in the Lord

Hola Familia!

The mission is going great! I feel like every day it gets better and better. Everyday I try to get better and closer to Christ! One thing that I have started to do this week, is every morning and night I read one chapter from the Book Of Mormon and the Bible. I found that by doing this, that I'm always pondering about the gospel and I feel the spirit stronger throughout the day! This is something easy that you guys can all do too!

Last Tuesday we had another leader conference. For this conference we had to bring our plans for December for each one of our zones. After praying and studying my companion and I came up with a plan called Find, Teach, Baptize. Our major goal is to baptize right, but to do that, first you have to find someone and then you have to teach them and help them have a spiritual experience. Then you can baptize them. Imagine what it would be like if you can form a habit to teach and find everyday! It was pretty cool because when we got to the conference, all of the talks that the president and the assitants gave, had to do with the plan we had. So we were happy with the revelation the Lord gave us to make our plan.

One thing that we focused on this week in our area and our zone, that was part of our plan, is to talk to everyone, and to share with them "The Gift" which is a video made by the church to help people learn more about the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the perfect video for christmas. My companion and I were amazed by the success we had. In one day we found 6 new investigators, just by knocking on their doors, singing a christmas hymn and showing them the video.

By putting trust in the Lord, that he will prepare his elect for me, my desire to talk to everyone has increased! Like today after playing soccer we took a bus back to San Juan and I started talking to this lady, in corte, and her friend. We slowly got talking about the church and more people started listening. Noticing that more people were listening, I shared a brief message about the restoration and almost everyone on the bus was listening to me. After I finished, I gave a pamphlet to the first lady that was listening to me and took her number. After that, more people started asking me for pamphlets and gave me their numbers so we could come and teach them more! This is one little miracle that the Lord provided me, just for opening my mouth to share His gospel with one person!

Everyday we can see miracles if we just trust in the Lord! I know that this is true and that if we show our faith through action by sharing the gospel with others, or helping others through service, or even inviting a less active member to church the Lord with provide us with the miracle!

To watch "He is the Gift", click on the link! http://www.mormon.org/christmas

Elder Corbett

Tortilla Total 1622

Teaching Hermano Hector

Making tacos for Hermana Blanca

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