"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First week at the CCM


The ccm has been great! Each day keeps going by faster and faster, and I can't believe that I am done with 1 week. They definitely keep you busy the whole time, but its actually fun stuff like learning the language or personal study time. Although at sometimes the ccm can feel like a prison, with its 15 foot walls and with its armed guards, but when we get to go to the casa de cre(a computer lab by the temple) we get to leave the prison and go for a small walk. Besides the meals, and deportes, that is what we look forward to.

The meals here are muy rico! usually the meals consists of rice and beans with chicken or something else. My favorite meal was actually for breakfast (hard to believe). It was beans and rice with chips covered in salsa. It was el mejor! (the best) as you can tell my espanol is really improving. It is what we do most of the time in the ccm. What really helps, is talking in espanol to the hispanos! They are my favorite! The hispanos are the funniest guys at the ccm. One hispano Elder Anderson, (we laugh at his english last name) loves Lebron James and he makes us call him Lebron! haha I love the hispanos! In our room we have 2 hispanos and 2 elders who are now on the third week.

Its really cool, on our second day, we got the opportunity to teach a real investigator! There are 5 companionship's in our district and each companionship gets 20 minutes to teach her, she is a cook in the ccm kitchen. On our first time, me and Elder Dickson weren't very prepared and it was pretty difficult to teach her. We learned that when we prepare a lesson, even if we don't give our lesson, because we never end up giving our lesson, but when we prepare, we end up teaching with the spirit, and that is the best thing you can do. We actually got her interested in baptism and she is leaning towards it. I'm sure we will eventually get to her.

It's crazy how true my patriarchal blessing and President Wallace's blessing are. I was called as the District Leader. It is really hard, because when we have meetings for the district leaders it is only in espanol so I am trying really hard to learn the language so I can teach my district. I got called as a district leader on my birthday, haha, I guess that was my present from the Lord.

Thanks for the 20 dollars mom. Today for p day they have a stand outside and I bought 2 way cool ties for 5 dollars and for 15 dollars I got these way cool scripture cases that are kinda like dads but with bright Guatemalan colors, they were 15 dollars and they came with a triple combination case, a matching bible case and small hymn book case. So today after the temple at 2 50 our time, we get to go to the distribution center and I'm going to get espanol scriptures for my case. I need them and I will use them for my mission!

Also I love my district, there are 5 elders and 6 hermanas. All of us elders are way close and we do everything together. One of the elders is Elder Godderidge, Kristen's nephew, haha. We are all way good friends and we eat and go and do everything together. The coolest part is that we are all going to Quetzaltenango, so maybe I'll get to be campanions with some of the elders from my district. Also I finally met a hispano from Quetzaltenango, haha.  He was way nice and he told us to write our names and emails down, and he will tell his family to email us and cook us some comida! haha So that will be nice!  Yes dad' there are people from all over such as Honduras San Salvador, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.  They are all going to places like San Salvador and Nicaragua.  I even met one hispano who is going to Buenos Aries Argentina. So its pretty cool!

Also I left my nike shoes at home... so I have to play deportes in my nike sandals it sucks but oh well haha I will pick up some shoes either at the market next week or at Walmart in 4 weeks, haha.  Also I forgot to tell you about church! It was pretty cool! Everyone has to prepare a talk and they call up 5 or 6 random elders a hermanas to speak and it has to be under 5 minutes and all of it has to be in espanol, haha. I love my teacher, he was going to add me on facebook so be watching for that. He just got home from his mission in Peru! He is a champin! I wrote the talk in english and then he helped me with in espanol!  yo se que la igleasia es verdarerro Well I love and miss you guys, and Im already lovin the mish! Time is going by so fast and I can't wait to be fluent in espanol and to finally get out of the ccm (the prison) haha jk.Well until next Tuesday!

Love you guys!

Elder Corbett

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