"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Monday, July 22, 2013

Second week at the CCM

hola familia!

My time in the ccm is going by so fast! but the days last forever! The elders say the days last like weeks and the weeks last like days. I am in the ccm for 4 weeks, and on Wednesday I will officially be here for 2 weeks. Although I feel like I've been here forever, I'm loving it and its going by way fast! The food is still great but lets just put it this way, if you dont watch what your eating, and you eat everything!....It doesnt come out very well. But trust me I learned my lesson and now I'm watching what I eat haha!

Tomorrow we get to go to the markets to barter. I'll have to test out my skills. So ya and just to let you know I'll probably take out 50 dollars tomorrow so that will be 400 quetzals. Gracias! Tomorrow we also get to go to Wendys! I have honestly been craving a good old burger. Last week we had a hamburger? Well at least it looked like one, but then it tasted like jerkey? It's fine. I still ate it and my stomach was fine with it, so we are good! Still nothing beats those good old beans and rice I had for breakfast. I'm hoping I have them again.. but we will see!

Its crazy! Tomorrow is the last day for 30 nortes and all the hispanos are leaving! Time goes by so fast here! It's so funny because all the hispanos love me and so the guys in my district call me famous! I will walk down the hall or into the cafeteria and I will hear all of them yell ELDER CORBETT! I'm going to miss them, but we will get new ones haha! And all of them made me give them my email address so when I get extra time I guess I can email them back and practice my spanish!

Its crazy how fast you learn espanol here! Last week I gave a whole lesson in spanish! And that was with no notes and answering my investigators questions! Haha I felt like a hispano!

Yesterday was my 2nd Sunday in the ccm! Sundays go by so fast! You wake up and go to a devotion that the president of the ccm gives and then we watch a movie right after... and lets just say I use that time to catch up on some sleep! I looked at the clock before the movie started and when I woke up an hour and 20 minutes went by.. maybe that is why sundays go by fast! But during the week you have to prepare a talk and at sacrament meeting which is in solo espanol, they call up random people to give talks! They usually pick one person out of each district, but since I'm the district leader and I go to all these meetings I'm hoping that they are nice to me and don't call me up! Haha Next Sunday we will be the only district that isn't new, it's gonna be crazy! We are expected to get 35 new nortes plus new hispanos!

Don't worry mom I'll get you some pictures! The first day in the ccm they take your ipods, passports, and cameras cause people steal them I guess. Kind of weird with a place full of missionaries. But tomorrow for my P day I will get my camera to take pictures of the city and the market and then right before we turn in our cameras I will just take out the memory card and work my magic haha! Also Hermana Nickolieson the President's wife had shoes for me so we are all good!

It was a way cool experience last P day we had the opportunity to go to the temple. The temple is so beautiful here and the background is this big green hill with trees and houses. We have a perfect view of it from our class room windows! I will try to take a picture! But anyways the temple is half the size of our church back at home and it was a great experience and the spirit was way strong! We get to go back to the temple tomorrow after the markets!

Well I love you guys and I'm glad you are all doing good!

Elder Corbett

The Elders at the CCM - July 2013

The Hermanas at the CCM - July 2013

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