"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Monday, November 4, 2013

Day of the Dead

hola familia!

I can't believe how fast this week has gone by! Next week I will have 4 months in the mish! And this week is my last week with my dad, Elder Zambrano. Que rapido! This week though has been hard to teach the gospel, because nobody has been home. They have all been out partying!

First there was Halloween, and they are pretty laid back when it comes to celebrating this holiday. But they do party. Apparently there is a huge party in the central park with a bunch of electronic music and all the familys go. It starts around 10 at night and they said they don't come back until 2 or 3 in the morning!!! Of course, I didn't get to go out and join them for this one, but I did tell some of the members that I would be joining them in 2 years when I come back to visit! haha

So, that killed our day on Thursday, and then Friday was Day of the Dead! Wow, everyone celebrates this holiday! It was pretty cool. We actually got to go to the cemetary and it reminded me a lot of the Cache Valley fair. There was music and food venders and people were fiestando! haha Also, there was enough beer for everyone including the dead at the cemetary. Including flowers and streamers, they also leave beer and bread at the graves, but of course all the drunks come and steal the beer, and the dogs have the bread haha!

I think that the cemetaries here in Guatemala are cooler than the ones in the states. They don't bury there dead underground, so they have tombs and they are all different colors. It looks like a pack of crayons! But I got pictures so make sure to look at them.

But after all the fiestando we tried working, and if everything goes well, we will have 2 more baptisms next week. The only problem is that their parents are opposed to it, but I know that this will change their lives and they will be blessed for making this decision. So we have been working hard with their parents. That's one important thing that I have learned here in Guatemala, how important it is to have a family in the gospel. The only families that don't have problems here are the ones that are members of the church, the others have so many problems, like their dads are drunks, or they have more than one spouse. So this has definitely strengthened my testimony on familes and eternal families, and I'm so blessed to have so many of my family as members who are a part of this gospel. This is defenitly what I want for my future family!

Well, it sounds like everyone is doing well! Have fun in the snow! And I will be enjoying my 70 degree weather here in Huehuetenango!!

Tortilla Total 285

A day of service

One of the colorful tombs at the cemetary

Day of the Dead

A tomb decorated for the Day of the Dead

The fair at the Day of the Dead

Fiambre, a dish prepared for the Day of the Dead

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