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Monday, November 25, 2013

Fishing and Stake Conference

Hola familia!!!

It's actually getting cold in Huehuetenango! Last night I had to put on another blanket! But other than the night, It's super hot everyday and it doesn't rain anymore either!

This week we visited an awesome familia, familia Deleon. They live in Aguacatan which is about an half hour to an hour away from our house. This was our second visit with them, and this time they told us to come for lunch and to spend the whole day with them........which we were fine with. Once we got there, they took us to their farm, which was a fish farm! They had a lot of large ponds just full of fish! The way we fished was a lot different then the way I was taught. They had this huge net, and you held part of it with your teeth and held other parts of it in your hands, and you swung your body and let go of the net! it was pretty easy to catch fish with, because the pond was full of them! After that, we took a photo shoot with all our fish, as you can tell by the photos. Then we gutted them, which was the same way that I had been taught so that was fun.

After that we took the fish back to the house, and while the mom was cooking them up we went to the Rio Blanco, which is the other huge river in Aguacatan. I really liked this river a lot, because it was more natural, then the Rio San Juan. We actually had to hike to the river, instead of driving up to the river haha.

Then we went back to the house and ate the fish! They were so good, and the way that the lady cooked them was amazing! She put a powdered seasoning all over them, and then just fried them forever.....the head to fin and everything! They actually eat every part too, and I would have to say, that the fins taste a lot like potato chips!

Besides our trip to Aguacatan, we had stake conference. We went to the sessions on Saturday night and then Sunday morning. It was really neat though, because President Eyring and Elder Richard G. Scott came to Guatemala to visit Antigua Guatemala (which is the richest part of Guatemala, that is more Europeon and where the gringos live) so all the stakes were watching via satellite. I thought that It was sweet that Richard G. Scott knew spanish, and he didn't even use a translator to speak. All of the messages where really good, and centered around the family.

What I really liked was a talk from one of the counselors of the stake presidency, President Mendez. He talked about families and futbol and how our family is a team just like a futbol team, and the only way to improve a sports team is by practice. He said that this is the same with our families, if we practice by having famiy home evening, family prayer and scripture study, our family can be strengthened and when temptation comes it's the way we can defeat temptation! it was really good, and that's something that I'm going to use with my investigators!!

Well I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving this week. Have fun eating turkey and mashed potatoes. I will probably be eating tortillas instead... oh well haha! les amo!

Tortilla Total count 345

Rio Blanco

The falls of Rio Blanco

Fishing Trip

Look what I caught

Elder Corbett with his fish

A successful day of fishing!!

Frying up some fish

Fish Dinner

Eating fish with the familia Deleon

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