"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The temple, a baptism, and my birthday

Hola Familia!

I just want to say thanks for all of the birthday wishes! It definitely was a great birthday for me and I'm still so full. The best part of my birthday was for sure Aurelios's baptism! Also this week we got to go to the temple, and I even saw some members from my very first ward, Las Rosas in Huehuetenango!

The temple experience was super spiritual like it always is! It was really fun going with the whole zone. I think it's crazy how much someone can learn everytime they go to the temple! During my mission, I've really learned how important knowledge is. It's really what we need to become more like God! So I've been taking in everything and trying to learn new things. I have also been memorizing scriptures everyday! But I think the temple can give us knowledge better than anything else we could do, to learn about Gods plan for us! Also, I got to talk to Hermana Alma and Hermana Lara from Las Rosas so that made everything so much better!

I feel pretty old now that I'm 20, but it was super fun having my birthday with all of the members. Everyone invited me over to their house to celebrate my birthday, so I celebrated it like 5 times, and I ate sooo much food! The members here are so great! We had a meeting with the mission president and the stake president on my birthday, and the mission president gave us a ride home. Fifteen minutes after he dropped us off, he called just to tell me happy birthday from him and his wife! They are super nice, and I'm really excited to have them with us!

But the best part of all for my birthday was Aurelios's baptism. He is very humble, and all he trys to do is to follow Christ as best as he can. After his baptism, he wanted to get up and bear his testimony, and that's when he got his confirmation that what he did was right. His testimonay was awesome. He started crying and said how grateful he is to be able to be clean from all of his sins, and to be able to leave all of his bad habits. He also expressed how grateful he was for Elder Rivera and I. It definitely made me feel great as a missionary. I know that all that I have left behind was worth it, just to be able to help someone like him, to come unto Christ and accept His gospel and to help him be able to be happy. Hermano Aurelio has already received the aaronic priesthood, a temple recommend, and a calling to greet the people who come to church. I think this baptism also helped build unity and faith in the ward. Elder Rivera and I plan to have 3 more baptisms this Saturday, with 3 young man, ages 16 through 17. We plan to have the priests in the ward baptize them, so it will be another great spiritual experience!

Elder Corbett Tortilla Total: 1224 Big Mac Count: 23

Elder Corbett and Elder Etcheto at the Quetzaltenango Temple

At the temple with one of my favorite families

Temple day with the zone

Aurelios's baptism day

Party number one

Party number two

Party number three

A party with the Coyoy family

It was a great birthday!

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