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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stake Activity

Hola Familia

This week was a good week for finding new investigators! It all started with the stake activity. At this time of the year in Guatemala, they have their spring break. So, the stake planned a whole bunch of different activities for the youth, one including missionary work. They asked Elder Rivera and I to plan this activity. So we decided to have a little training session and then split into groups with each missionary and go contact! We got over 125 Books of Mormon and pamplets and everything! It was super fun! All the missionaries from our zone came and helped, and each missionary was in charge of so many missionaries! My Group and I worked hard! We found so many new people to teach! And at the end of the day, we got over 90 references for our zone! It was amazing to see how awesome the youth are here in Guatemala. They are going to be great missionaries. We even had three investigators come and preach the gospel haha!

Also, we found a nice little family, Michael and his mom! The mom has lived a hard life. One of her sons, Michael, has accepted an invitation to be baptized on the 19th of July. It was cool because we taught the plan of salvation and casually asked if they wanted to be baptized, and he was like yes, and we were like really?! His mom was also like, really?! And he was like, yes. His mom said, sounds good, I dont have a problem with it! When he came to church this week, he found out that one of his really good friends is a member! So that was cool!

Also we are still preparing Aorelio for his baptism on the 12th, it's so awesome to see him progress and strengthen his faith!

But this week was cool, because Elder River and I are the youngest zone leaders in the mission, and our zone baptized the most out of any other zones! Because of that, our zone got to play paintball today and next week we are going to the temple as a zone! I learned that it doesn't matter how much time or experience you have, but if you put your confidence and faith in the Lord, and if it's His will, He will bless you and help you complete your goal. It reminds me of the time when Nephi built the boat, when everyone didn't believe in him, but with his faith, he was able to do it!

Les amo y les quiero!

Tortilla Total: 1176

Big Mac Count: 19

Stake Activity

Elder Corbett and Elder Rivera with the New Mission President and his Wife

Going on splits with Elder Etcheto

Preaching the gospel to every living creature

Elder Dickson and Elder Corbett


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