"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Monday, August 25, 2014

The love of a mission president

Hola Familia!

Well this week has actually been a lot more different than the other weeks I've had! It all started Monday night after a family home evening lesson. My companion who has had intestinal problems was in a lot of pain and at 11:30 at night President Smith and his wife came to pick us up to take us to the hospital! Turns out that my companion just had really bad constipation, but it took a little while for him to get feeling better again. So let's just say that I got A LOT of studying in! And even more piano practice!

My companion started feeling better on Friday and we started working again! But... one of my converts, Wicho (Luis) who is 12 years old and has always had seizures, had some really severe ones, and had to go to the hospital. The doctors found out that he has a blood clot in his brain. After our ward mission leader begged the mission president to let us go visit him, President Smith gave us the chance. The hospital we went to is one of the biggest in Xela and is a goverment run facility. But if you guys remember the part in World War Z, where Brad Pitt is running up the stairs, that's exactly what the hospital looked like! There was hardly any lights or organization. We had to go to the children's floor and wow, it was shocking to see all the kids with diseases, burns, and sicknesses. It definitely gave me an even stronger and better desire to become a doctor and to be able to be like a super hero and to cure people from their sicknesses.

It was awesome seeing Wicho and he was able to talk that day and we even got to play with him. We made him a card and brought him treats and I gave him one of my watches. It was super cool, because he asked me to give him a blessing and I could really feel the power of the Lord working through me. At that moment, I knew that the Lord loves all of his children, and that he would also be there for Luis. His mom told us that he has been taking blood thinning pills, and that it has been helping get rid of the blod clot and that his seizures haven't been as rough. So, remember Wicho (Luis) in your prayers!

Also this week, we too had stake conference, and it was also on hastening the work, but we had a member of the seventy come! I believe that his name was Elder Caldon, and he was super cool. He talked about when he received his call and how later when he went on lds.org and read about the duties of a seventy. It said that a seventy, is diligent in missiononary work. He said that he had to repent after reading about his duties, and that he and his family have baptized like 15 people since then! And that every calling in the church, including stake presidents and bishops, are to have their first responsibility to be diligent to missionary work haha!

Also, President Smith gave two talks, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday. Wow, he is very spiritual and a very great example and leader. So this week, I have learned a lot about my mission president! I'm really impressed with the love President and Sister Smith have for each missionary! (You gotta have love, if you are willing to pick up a missionary, and take him to the hospital when you don't get back until 3 in the morning!!!) They are great and I'm so glad that they are here!

Don't forget to share the gospel with someone this week! There are people around us who are ready and have been prepared by the Lord for the gospel! And, if we open our mouths, the Lord will use us as His instruments, and our words will be His words!

Elder Corbett

Ordering lunch with the zone

Teaching Elder Rivera to play the piano

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