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Monday, August 4, 2014

Wondering where rainy season is and a trip to Walmart

Hola familia,

Wow.....I cannot believe how long it's been since it has last rained here in Guatemala, and they say it's rainy season. Oh well, there are 2 good things that happen when it doesn't rain, it is a lot easier to work, and it gets really cold at night! But during the day it's soooooo hot! So I have been drinking a lot of water!

Our baptism dates are coming along! Dylan and Adolfo are super smart and well prepared so we don't even have to worry about them! Fabiola has also progressed so much from when we very first taught her! You can truly see that when someone has the desire and patience to learn the gospel, that anyone can pick up the truths that it has! But even better she prayed to her Heavenly Father and received an answer that she needs to be in the church. Wow, that was super cool to hear that! She has struggled a little because in the aldea (village) where she lives, called Tuixoquel, by San Marcos, there aren't any churches at all. Her parents don't know anything about the church! She told us that she knows the church is true and that she wants to get baptized. I had the feeling to promise her that when she was in her village, that she would be able to find a church close by, and that some day the gospel will come to her village. I didn't know why I said that, but I felt like it was something I needed to say!

So our mission president changed some rules in our mission this week. One, that we can go to Walmart once a month! And two, that we can eat inside fast food restaurants! So, today with our zone we went to Walmart to buy things and we bought a lot! But while we were there, we ran into one of the counselors of the mission president from the mission Retuleu. He was with his wife and a local future missionary. They ran into us, and we started talking, and I was prompted to ask them if they knew about the village where Fabiola lives, and the future missionary said that he lives in the village next door. He said it was a half hour walking distance from Fabiola's village, and he said that there is a church there! And also they had a reference for two of the missionaries in our zone, for a family who moved and really needed help. They just asked us if we knew which area it was in, but it turned out to be in our zone! So it was pretty cool that the Lord directed all of us on the same path, so that we could help each other out!

Knowing this, will really help Fabiola! The future missionary gave me his number and said he would go pick her up and show her where the chapel is. Wow! A lot of people in her village are interested in what she's doing, but they all speak mam! So we are planning to send her with a box of Books of Mormons in mam, so she can give them out to her village and so the mission work can get started there! I think it's super special to be able to baptize her because she will be the first in her village to become a member of the church! And, I get to check off something on the missionary bucket list! I will finally baptize someone who wears corte!!!!

Elder Corbett

Tortilla Total: 1285

Big Mac Count: 28

Elder Corbett with a member and her granddaughter dressed in corte

Elder Corbett with a coconut


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