"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Monday, September 29, 2014

This work is the most important thing we can be doing!

Hola Familia!

This week has gone by super fast, probably because there wasn't any protesting! This week we had a muli-zone meeting with the zones in Xela. Even the old Xela Central zone was there so it was great getting to see all of them! The talks in the multi-zone meeting helped to express a lot about President Smith's vision, which I think will really help the mission. President Smith has a vision of taking our converts to the temple and not just baptizing them, so he has prepared plans to help us complete his vision.

One of San Juan's members passed away this week. Solidad was her name. We went and gave her a blessing and we could feel that she was just days from passing away. It was definitely hard on the ward but happy for her because she was suffering. We were actually in charge of a lot of the funeral, so it filled up much of our week. It was very interesting to experience the culture of a funeral here. First they have the casket at the house and everyone meets there. Then they walk with the casket to the church and have a little meeting. After that, they walk the casket to the cemetary and put it in the tomb. Then they have a little lunch.

It was definitely a great chance to share the gospel with the friends and families of Hermana Solidad. We actually took 2 packages of the plan of salvation pamphlets. At first they weren't really interested, but one person took one and showed the rest, and then all of them came and asked us for them and we ran out!!!

We also met a man named Alvero who is 35 and has spent almost his whole life in the United States. He was at the funeral because his parents told him that she was his great aunt. He didn't even know her. We got talking to him, and found out that he has been prepared by the Lord to hear the gospel! First of all he has seen the mormon movie Charlie and other missionary movies haha! Second, he has friends from the states who are members. Third, he has a ton of questions! We have an appointment with him and his family this week! :)

Other than that, we confirmed an investigator that was baptized like 2 months ago, so that was good! All I can say is that when we are focused on this work the time flies! Really this work is the most important thing we can be doing! And there is no one or no power that can stop this work! #GODSARMY

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