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Monday, October 6, 2014

Laguna Chikabal and general conference

Hola Familila!

Today for p-day we got to go to the Laguna Chikabal, which is a lake that is located at the very top of a volcano. We took the whole zone with us. It was super fun and beautiful. Other than that, we were very busy this week inviting everyone to general conference.

This was the third session of general conference on my mission! Every time it gets better and better. Saturday we went down to Xela to watch all the sessions in english. This meant we got to go to Burger King for breakfast, McDonlads for lunch,(add one to the big mac count) and then a nice restauraunt for dinner. But wow, the talks were so powerful! I decided to take notes this time and it made the sessions fly by!

Sunday was the day to try and take everyone from the branch in San Juan to a branch in San Mateo to watch general conference. The president got us a bus, but we were in charge of getting everyone on the bus. To help encourage them to stay for both sessions, Elder Reinhold and I made sack lunches, which included a sandwich, juice box, bannana, and some cookies. It definitely helped the branch stay, and as we started the second session we had more people than the other branch!

Wow, was it just me, or were the talks amazing! I liked all of them, but especially Elder David Bednar's talk to the non-members. I think I might just print out a copy of his talks and hand them out to our new investigators and say, "If you guys accept us to come and teach you, this is what you should be expecting haha!" Conference always reminds me of one of my favorite scriptures in the the book of Amos which says, "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth His secret unto his servants the prophets." One of the best ways to receive revelation and help from the Lord is through His prophets. There were many talks that even explained the importance of the prophets and their roles. They have the keys to guide the church and receive revelation for the church as a whole. So when we listen to them, really we are listening to Jesus Christ who is the head of the church. I know that the prophets are true servants of God, and that they have all the keys that have been given in this dispensation, and if we listen to them and apply their teachings we will find peace and happiness from all the problems that exist in the world today.

Elder Corbett

Tortilla Total: 1413

A trip to the lake

Laguna Chicabal

Elder Corbett at Laguna Chicabal


The missionaries from San Juan and San Mateo

A picnic between conference sessions

Elder Corbett with a future missionary

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