"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Monday, October 27, 2014

Flying kites and listening to the Spirit

Hola Familia!

This week Elder Navarro and I have been finding a lot of new investigators which has been great! Of the many we found, Isabel is super positive. She works in a little shop selling shoes. We contacted her and she happily accpeted us. We have been working hard teaching her and we have invited her to be baptized on the 18th of November. Now the real work comes in with the members, as we invite them to invite her to church and activities at her house. If the members will help us, it will for sure be a baptism! She is really nice and I even bought shoes from her. She's getting them handmade for me because they don't make a size big enough! haha!

The weeks go by so fast, I can't even remember them! It's starting to turn into winter here in Guatemala, and so all of the kids have their kites out because of the wind! It's a big thing here. They even make kites that are 2 stories tall! So today for p-day, our zone had a kite flying competition! We went up to this peak on a mountain to where there is a lot of wind and flew kites and enjoyed the view. It was a good p-day.

Other than that, the one thing that I've been focusing on lately is listening and then acting to the promptings of the Spirit. Because if a missionary can do that, wow, he is going to have a lot of success. Plus San Juan is a huge area, and we can't just go up and talk to everyone right?! So when we contact by the Spirit, we contact the people that the Lord has prepared for us. I've noticed the more that I follow the promptings of the Spirit through thoughts that I receive, the more the Lord blesses me with the Spirit! It's great, and we find people who are willing to listen to us! The Church Is True!

Elder Corbett

Tortilla Total: 1475

Working on a bus

Elder Corbett and Elder Navarro making tacos

Elder Navarro flying his kite

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