"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Monday, November 17, 2014

A week of protests

hola familia! que tal el nieve?!

This week for the most part we were stuck in our house during the protests. Because of that we got a lot of studying, cooking, and piano playing down. The protesting started on Tuesday and ended on Thursday! They wont be protesting again until next year because the congress is now on vacation. :)

The sister missionaries from our closest area called us and told us that they were walking down the highway to go visit someone. They were walking in the middle of the highway because there wasn't any traffic due to the protesting. But as they were walking, they saw all these Guatemalans running for their lives. Behind the mob were over a hundred policemen with their shields and in trucks, throwing bombs into the crowd. The sisters didn't know what to do so they started running with the protesters to get away!

When they told me this, I was freaking out! I asked them if they went back to their apartment where it was safe and they said they hid and then went to their appointment! They were diligent but crazy! To make sure that they would be safe, I told them that they had to stay in their apartment for the rest of the day! When the protesting finally ended, we went up and got some work done! We are getting more and more people to teach and those that aren't ready yet to accept the gospel, we stop working with them and continue with those that have been prepared! facil!

We are working with one hermana named Blanca. She told us that she had a dream in which an angel lead her to a tree and wanted to show her something important, but then some lady pulled her away. She thinks it's an answer from God that she needs to come unto Him and learn more about Him. We promised her that is was an aswer from God and that we have been called by God to help her learn about Jesus Christ. It was a very spiritual lesson!

Well that's about all that happened this week, other than on Sunday, when a member called us and told us that there was a drunk guy locked in the church! We called the 1st counseler and met at the church. As we looked through the church we found the back doors were open! We talked to some people that were nearby and they said he got locked in and climbed the fence to get out! So many times drunk people walk into the church(who knows why?), but this time President Ordonez was in his office and didn't notice him, so he locked him in the church. That was super funny! Well the church is true! And this is the only true church that has a living prophet on this earth who God speaks to and who guides us! soy Mormon y soy feliz!

Elder Corbett Tortilla Total 1546

Hanging out on the chicken bus

Zone leader conference

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