"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Time is going by way too fast

Hola familia!

This week has been a great week. I just feel like time is going by way too fast! I feel like I wake up and then it's already night time and then I'm in bed again! My companion and I have been working really hard this week, and not only by ourselves, but with the members of the branch presidency! We have been making plans to go and find all the inactive members, and plans for working with our investigators, which have been very successful!

This week we brought two new investigators to church, Gildardo and Alvaro. They are both super amazing and really enjoyed their time at church. We also brought two inactive members to church, one named Luis who is 17 years old and awesome and the other named Herman who is in his thirties. They had both been inactive for over 2 years!!! So when the members saw them, they all got excited and there was a different spirit in the church yesterday. It really helped us gain trust with the members and now they all want us to come visit with them so they can also bring more people to church.

We had an attendence at church of 56 which is pretty good for San Juan! Elder Navarro and I have experienced so many miracles! With the zone this month we have been focusing on faith and miracles, and it's so cool to hear all the amazing miracles that the missionaries in the zone have seen too! It just goes to show that this is the Lord's work, and as we become more like Him and as we learn more about Him, He will always help us! That is the secret to missionary work! The church is true!

Elder Corbett

Tortilla Total 1521

Husking corn

A picture with the quetzales


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