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Monday, February 16, 2015

What a great week with a baptism and a trip to HueHue

Hola Familia!

This has been a great last week with Elder Navarro!

So this week we have been preparing Dani for his baptism. We even bought him a cake! But Saturday morning, President Smith called me and told me that he needed a huge favor from me. He told me he that he had decided to close Ical, (Elder Andy's area who was in a trio with us) and that he wanted me to go all the way there with Elder Andy to help him clean the house and bring the rest of his luggage to Xela. He told me that he would send another missionary(Elder Andy's future companion) to come work in San Juan with Elder Navarro for the day.

So I went to Dani's baptism and it was amazing and very spiritual. Then Elder Andy and I got started on the 5 hour trip to Ical. I will admit, that I was excited to see Ical and it would mean that I would be passing through HueHue! We got to HueHue about 3:30 and the first thing I did was buy a frutada! It's a special drink that is only made in HueHue. We then got on a bus that goes to La Mesilla which borders Mexico.

The biggest miracle about this trip was while I was standing in the bus, because it was so full for 2 hours, I looked back and saw my Guatemalan Grandma, Hermana Alejandra. She was with her grandson, Fernando, from my very first area in the mission! It was sooooo cool to get to talk and catch up with her. She said that all is well in Las Rosas and to tell all you guys hi!

We got to Ical around 5 and hurried and cleaned the house. We were going to try and make it back to Xela, but we had to stay the night in HueHue! I was totally fine with that. Little did I know, that I was going to spend the night in the house of Elder McMoil, from my group. It was great talking to him! We then woke up at 5 in the morning and we made it back to San Juan at 8:50 to hurry and get ready for church. Elder Andy left with his new companion and now Elder Navarro goes home tomorrow! What a great week with a baptism and a trip to HueHue.

Tortilla Total 1816

Dani's baptism

Baptism day

A picture with the zone

Leadership conference

Elder Corbett and Elder Navarro with a tuc tuc

Hanging out with Elder Farley

New suits

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