"If you labor all your days and bring one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy" D&C 18:15

Monday, June 23, 2014

Testimony of the temple

Hola Familia!

The weeks just keep going by faster and faster! This week we found a new investigator named Orelio. He has been fighting his addiction with alcohol for years, and has now been 6 months sober. He just wants to do what God wants him to do, so after talking with us, he gladly accepted an invitation to come to church. Then we set a bautismal date with him for the 12th of July. I told him that would be a great birthday present for me!

We are still working with the mom of the kids we baptized! We are trying to help her understand what God wants for her, and that sin never was happiness. She has come far from where she was, so we hope that she can pray and find an answer and continue her search for happiness.

Also, we are working with Sandra who is the daughter-in-law of our ward mission leader. She is super close and just wants to learn a little bit more about the temple in the scriptures. I think it's so cool how much the scriptures talk about the temple, why we have them and how God has given us temples since the time of Adam! I learned that before the time of Jesus they used temples to make covenents and sacrifices to their God. In the Bible when the people have been rightous, God has told them to build a house for Him. I was reading in Isiah 2:2 and it explains that the Lord will build His house upon the mountain top(Utah) and that all nations will flow unto it. It is cool to see that prophecy from Isaiah being fulfilled in the latter days! We are now blessed because we have the opportunity to do ordinances for the dead. I love the Gospel and I think it's amazing how studying to help my investigators also helps me strengthen my testimony. Just by doing the little things every day like praying, reading the scriptures and serving others can help anyone gain a testimony and feel the spirit.

Les Queiro Y les Amo!!!

Tortilla Total: 1145

Big Mac Count:17

Working on a truck with the ward mission leader

Elder Corbett wearing a mask

A trip to a museum


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